Managed Asset Portfolio Program (MAPP)

The Managed Asset Portfolio Program is a fixed income investment strategy tailored to the unique needs of institutional clients.

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A strategic approach to asset management for your organization

Each organization has its own set of financial goals, so why wouldn’t your asset management strategy reflect these distinctive needs? The Managed Asset Portfolio Program is a fixed income investment strategy tailored to the unique needs of institutional clients. TCG Advisors has built a financial team to manage a portfolio that can help to meet your cash requirements while providing additional yield, as we identify and invest monies sitting idle. The key is sustaining a targeted yield curve position and allowing the markets, with time, to add value. Through analyzing stable fund balances and managing cash flows, we can determine a risk-appropriate yield curve extension delivering increased returns. Our transparent approach adheres to the 3 Pillars of the Texas Public Funds Investment Act (“PFIA”). The Managed Asset Portfolio Program can optimize your taxpayers’ assets well, while focusing on safety, liquidity and yield.

MAPPing the plan

Our planning process begins with an in-depth analysis of the client’s current financial situation and what that client’s financial situation could look like down the road. Working from that clear picture, TCG Advisors works closely to identify, clarify and prioritize your goals. Planning requires discipline, starting with an assessment of resources, continuing with an analysis of existing and pending liabilities and moving constantly toward the identification of a desirable end result.

Mapped out investment strategies for your organization


Our clients rely on us for guidance, from evaluating which investment options are authorized under the Public Funds Investment Act (PFIA), to objectively analyzing their individual securities portfolio. TCG Advisors has a long history of providing tailored fixed income investment solutions to its clients. We believe that a well-defined and prudently disciplined investment strategy is an organization’s best approach, and our expertise provides strategies and services to meet the organization’s needs.

TCG Advisors takes 100% fiduciary


As an SEC-registered Investment Advisor and registered Municipal Advisor, TCG Advisors has a fiduciary duty to provide the highest level of care to our clients. As fiduciaries we act in complete fairness and do not exert any pressure, take selfish advantage, or deal with the client in such a way that benefits ourselves or prejudices the client. We offer a high level of transparency with regard to the details of portfolios, providing clients “any time” access to the status of their assets.

Common misconceptions

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“The Public Funds Investment Act doesn’t allow us to invest that long”

Not all government entities are treated equally; don’t get lumped in with cities, counties, etc. Per the PFIA, investment pools must manage funds to the lowest common denominator since they hold funds for all types of entities. The act limits authorized investment types, but leaves some flexibility for an organization to determine what maturities best fit its needs.

"We're taking too much risk"

The Public Funds Investment Act states what securities are authorized investments. You and TCG Advisors are only investing in what is already approved by law. Let’s be clear: market risk is not the only investing risk—MAPP was created to help diversify that risk.

“We issue our bonds over the course of several years to keep interest costs low”

In the current interest rate environment this strategy may actually work against you. Waiting to issue bonds may result in a counterproductive situation where your borrowing costs are higher than today. If you are able to invest those dollars to earn a rate closer to the rate at which you issue debt, you can lock in your borrowing cost and provide a more predictable budget figure.

“We already have a financial advisor”

Yes you do, but you don’t have a Portfolio Investment Advisor. Your financial advisor and/or Broker/Dealer usually does not provide you with ongoing investment advice on how to manage your fund balances and/or capital project/bond proceeds. The typical financial advisor’s role and fiduciary responsibilities end once the bonds have been sold and the money has been raised. Our role and fiduciary responsibilities begin here as we help you maximize taxpayer dollars.

MAPP can help make money with your money


We use an investment strategy that is practical yet progressive. The Public Funds Investment Act has stymied public entities ability to utilize sound time-proven investment strategies. The MAPP strategy looks closer at defining the variables “risk” and “safe”—all while fully adhering to the Public Funds Investment Act.

  • when one is not meeting at least inflation, one is actually losing “principal”

  • the upside potential from implementing MAPP may be more significant than other strategies, such as refinancing of debt, energy management, etc

  • there can be an increase in potential reward greater than the increase in potential risk by implementing the MAPP strategy
  • the entity’s finance office should dictate the utilization of monies rather than a construction schedule that is developed chiefly by those who have a vested interest in spending

  • there is a significant investment value to be added working within the parameters of the Public Funds Investment Act

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