Listen to Eric and Dennis discuss the full range of options available to investors when considering investing in a company, including bonds, preferred stock, and common stock. They also recap recent happenings in the fixed income markets and the impact on current investment selections.


About Dennis
Dennis Bielik is a Vice President and managing director at TCG Group Holdings. He is responsible for the oversight and day-to-day operations of TCG Advisors, and he works to maintain the relationships TCG Advisors has with its clients, participants, outside vendors, and financial representatives. His goal is to help as many people as possible outperform retirement.


About Eric
Eric Light joined TCG Advisors in September 2018 after 9 years of experience in the financial services industry. He spent 5 years as a chemical engineer with Shell Oil before getting his MBA at Columbia Business School. In 2009, he joined Bank of America where he worked in fixed income trading before moving to Austin, TX to join TCG. As a portfolio manager, Eric’s develops strategies and manages portfolios for both institutional and individual clients.

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