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Hey Educators!

Prepare for Tomorrow with Financial Literacy Month

Since 2004, April has been designated National Financial Literacy Month in the United States and this year we’ve prepared resources to help you ace your retirement goals.

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Retirement Education Agenda

The following lessons are designed for teachers, administrators, auxiliary workers, and all other roles within school districts.

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The ABCs of Retirement Planning for Educators
This course the basics such as how to calculate income needs, how to maximize benefits, and where to start when planning for retirement. This lesson is for all—no matter your career stage.
Essential Planning Steps for Educators Within 5 Years from Retirement
From managing finances to determining retirement income needs, this lesson will help educators prepare for a financially secure and stress-free transition retirement.
New Educator’s Guide to Retirement Planning: Start Early, Retire Comfortably
Join us to learn about unique educator benefits and the ins-and-outs of pension plans. Perfect for recent college grads or those starting a K12 career.

Money Lessons

The following lessons are provided as a courtesy by our friends at FinPath Wellness.
Tackling Inflation in the Age of High Interest Rates
Rising costs of essential items like bread, butter, milk, and eggs can impact your bank account. Join FinPath coaches to learn about managing inflation and interest rates to keep your finances in check.
Lowering Your Debt and Increasing Your Credit Score
How are credit scores and debt related to each other? Join FinPath coaches as they show you how to conquer your credit and develop good debt management practices.
Planning For The Next Financial Emergency Started Yesterday
Join FinPath coaches to discover the power of building savings. Be prepared for unexpected expenses or changes in work situations with a comfortable financial cushion.

Book a Personalized Retirement Planning Session

Schedule a 1:1 meeting with our team to help you develop a personalized retirement plan tailored to your unique financial situation and goals. We’ll discuss strategies for saving and investing, and help you navigate the complexities of retirement planning.