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Elevate Your Finances during Financial Literacy Month

Since 2004, April has been celebrated as National Financial Literacy Month in the United States. This year, we’re equipping you with resources help you reach your retirement goals!

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Retirement Education Agenda

The following lessons are crafted for individuals seeking to boost their financial knowledge and actively pursue their financial goals

7 Retirement Planning Myths

Discover the realities of retirement planning. This lesson debunks common myths, clarifies the role of Social Security, Medicare, and estate planning, and explores effective debt management and investment strategies.

Investing at Every Age

Investing at different stages of life is crucial for building a secure financial future. Let’s explore key tips and strategies for investing in your 30s, 40s, and 50s.

How Much Do I Need to Retire?

Join us for an essential course for anyone planning for a comfortable retirement. Delve into the intricacies of retirement planning, including the 4% rule, age-specific savings goals, and the critical Income Gap Analysis.

Money Lessons

The following lessons are provided as a courtesy by our friends at FinPath Wellness.
Navigating Student Loan Repayment Like a Pro
Let FinPath coaches guide you through the intricacies of student loan management, empowering you to make informed decisions and achieve financial success.
Strategies for Calculating Your Retirement Savings Goal
From managing finances to determining retirement income needs, this lesson will help you prepare for a financially secure and stress-free transition retirement.
Transforming Your Finances with Credit & Debt Management
How are credit scores and debt related to each other? Join FinPath coaches as they show you how to conquer your credit and develop good debt management practices.

Book a Personalized Retirement Planning Session

Schedule a 1:1 meeting with our team to help you develop a personalized retirement plan tailored to your unique financial situation and goals. We’ll discuss strategies for saving and investing, and help you navigate the complexities of retirement planning.

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