Marketing Portal

Important things to know:
  • Only items with GM (golden master) followed by a date in the title can be distributed. Files with v1, v2, v3… etc, cannot be used as these are still in the works.
  • If you make any change to any document, it has to be approved by marketing/compliance. Otherwise, it cannot be used. No exceptions.
Marketing Material Design & Review Process:

1. Employee submits marketing request through TCG Marketing portal.

  • Note: The PPT or marketing piece submitted must be a version that has already undergone preliminary edits and reviews from everyone involved.

2. Marketing Team will review the PPT/piece and make necessary changes. Fonts, colors, and graphics will be edited for consistency. No language changes will be made (other than grammatical and spelling corrections).

3. Marketing Team will submit PPT/piece for compliance review and approval.

  • If there are any questions or concerns from compliance, Marketing Support Team will address these directly with the employee who submitted the presentation.
  • Marketing Support Team will re-submit to compliance until a version is approved.

4. Marketing Team will designate PPT/piece complete by attaching “GM” (Golden Master) tag to the name
and date.

5. Marketing Team will share PPT/piece with the team and it will also be stored in the marketing library.

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