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Welcome to TCG!

Onboarding is as easy as…

First, paperwork!

A board resolution and interlocal agreement are the first documents to get the process in motion. TCG will then provide a templated termination letter for the district to send to the current plan admin.

Process Planning

We’ll meet to discuss takeover procedures and payroll specifications, get District signatures on the Adoption Agreement, plan staff communications, and get the census file from your team.

Spread the Word

We’ll get initial data files from your previous plan administrator and notify current plan participants about upcoming changes.

Payroll Changeover

You’ll provide us with a test payroll file per specs determined in our planning meeting, and your previous administrator will process one final payroll submission.

Wait for It…

Payroll contributions to the previous plan will cease and changes or distributions for participant accounts will be frozen until the previous plan admin transfers all assets to TCG and provides final data files.

GO for New Plan!

Employees will be able to view their accounts and submit distribution requests via the TCG site. You’ll send your first payroll file and funds to us for processing, and we’ll adjust the admin process as needed.

Meet Your Team

Alia Bartley

Director, Client Onboarding

Alia is your go-to for all things onboarding. Scheduling and running your implementation meeting? That’s Alia. Managing legal agreements, test files, and your online portal? Also Alia. Every aspect of switching vendors? Well, you get the idea.
Honesty, transparency, and loyalty are the core values at the heart of everything Alia does at TCG. She’s passionate about providing truly exceptional service to every single client — and it shows.
FUN FACT! Alia is all about the outdoors. Whether she’s hanging out with animals or gardening, she’s happy as long as she’s in nature.

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Edgar can answer any and all questions about TRS, Pensions, and Social Security plans as well as supplemental 403(b) and 457(b) retirement accounts. He empowers and equips clients to make the best financial planning decisions for themselves.
Edgar is dedicated to helping clients get started with their retirement plan as soon as possible so they don’t miss out on years of savings. As the husband of an educator, he has a personal vested interest in supporting the public education sector in every way possible.
FUN FACT! In his previous job, Edgar pitched to investors to raise capital, just like on Shark Tank!

Melissa Kirk

VP, Operations

Melissa is responsible for training our support teams in assisting participants with their retirement requests, and for successfully implementing our services with new Clients in all Plan Types. She maintains data and systems and builds workflows to compliment the system and all of its features to enhance the user experience.
When not at the office, Melissa is out enjoying sports with her family. Fun Fact! Melissa tries to make it to at least one away NFL game and at least one away College of her fighting Texas Aggies.

Adam Charles

Director, Business Solutions

Thanks to Adam, data flows smoothly from your systems into ours. His #1 goal is to save you time and trouble, and he does that by making sure the tech details and processes that work best for your district are in place from the get-go.
Adam has a lot of personal connections to the education sector. From his grandfather who was a Principal & football coach to the many teachers and administrators in his extended family, Adam has a deep understanding of the goals and challenges of those we serve.
FUN FACT! Adam used to be a movie critic, so prepare for some hot takes on Hollywood’s latest flicks!

Chris Jamail, CFP®

Chief Marketing Officer

Chris’ personal mission is to understand the real needs and goals of K-12 employees. He translates that knowledge into impactful financial education programs and works with administrators to implement those initiatives as well as retirement plans.
Chris has been with TCG for 20 years — the entirety of his career since graduating from Texas A&M in 2002. He is passionate about helping people reach their financial goals, even if there’s no immediate transactional benefit.
FUN FACT! When Chris isn’t busy chasing after his energetic three-year-old son, he enjoys golfing and relaxing out on the lake.
The TCG Difference
As a fiduciary, TCG has a legal and ethical obligation to look out for the best interests of our clients. Our goal is to ensure you and your staff have everything you need to succeed — and our proven five-point approach is designed to do exactly that.

Education First

We strive to elevate the financial proficiency of everyone we serve.


Every client matters, regardless of income, status, or position.


Regular touchpoints and useful tools enable self-directed learning.


We support clients at every step and provide access to our forum.

1:1 Support

We offer 1:1 consultations when, where, and how clients need it.


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Salary Finance branded loans are offered by Axos Bank® Member FDIC, and are subject to eligibility, underwriting, terms and conditions, and approval. Employees who primarily work in DC, IL, IN, NH, NJ, NY and WV are not able to make repayments via salary deduction due to state legislation, and instead will be asked to choose an alternative repayment method.