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FinPath as a Beacon in Uncertain Times

June 4, 2020

Unless you’ve been on a deserted island or are returning from an interstellar voyage in space, you know COVID19 has wreaked havoc on every aspect of normal life across the globe. Many have lost their job, have watched helplessly as friends and loved ones have fallen ill, and lost thousands in retirement savings as market reactions have been wildly volatile. Knowing what to do in response to all this has become more and more difficult to navigate. Having reliable resources and obtaining high-quality information to guide us is critical.

TCG  has worked hard to provide a resource for navigating finances. FinPath is a robust financial wellness platform that addresses all aspects of your finances along with various tools, calculators, and resources to be sure you’re in complete control of your present and future financial situation. 

Once registered, FinPath users are prompted to complete a short set of questions. The results are used to calculate a personalized Financial Wellness score that breaks down each area of your finances. The platform determines which areas are strong and which need improvement. The assessment results provide actionable steps, a roadmap, and a library of resources specific to your score. Helping you make a plan to improve your financial health.

New users are encouraged to create a budget as a step toward taking control. Already have a budget? FinPath can help you make educated adjustments during this time of uncertainty. Giving you the power to take control of your finances today.

FinPath’s income calculator was created with you in mind. Often educators rely on several income streams in retirement. TRS pension, personal and spousal retirement savings, and possibly social security income can all be potential sources of income. Knowing what to expect and what your retirement goals are greatly improves your chances of success. 

In volatile times you may be questioning whether or not to invest more of your income during this turbulent time. FinPath connects you to an unbiased TCG advisor that will walk you through the many factors to consider when it comes to saving for retirement. As a fiduciary firm, TCG provides advice and guidance in the best interest of our clients. 

Restrictions in regards to meeting face to face will not prevent TCG from being by your side. Our team is available via phone, educational webinars, and email. We are continuing to virtually meet with our clients every day and encouraging them to utilize FinPath as a trusted resource. 

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