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For Your Organization

Managed Asset Portfolio Program

Strategies designed to meet the unique financial objectives of school districts and municipalities

Safety is Our Specialty

At TCG, we specialize in quantifying risk and developing strategies that can help ensure the safety of your organization’s assets. Through the use of sophisticated software solutions, TCG can evaluate multiple risk factors for not only individual positions, but your entire portfolio. We share your goal of increasing safety within your accounts because we understand the importance of prudently managing taxpayer dollars. As fiduciaries, we are committed to working on your behalf to manage current and future risk.

Process Behind The Program

The management of taxpayer dollars is a highly scrutinized process that requires a safe and responsible investment strategy. At TCG, we seek to deliver well-defined and disciplined strategies that help you meet all three cornerstones of the PFIA—safety, liquidity, and yield.


We specialize in analyzing risks on multiple levels to protect cash flow needs and minimize risk exposure


Investments remain liquid to meet the growing demands of the programs running within your organization


We’ll work to produce an investment strategy that can help maximize risk-adjusted yield

Investment Solutions and Services

  • Complete portfolio management and consulting
  • Reporting services
  • Compliance oversight
  • Fiduciary protection
  • Monitoring of broker/dealer and safekeeping relationships
  • Assisting in cash flow analysis
  • Reviewing and recommending modifications to the investment policy
  • Investment pool benchmarking
  • Provide current market economic updates

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