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Financial Solutions for Corporations

As an executive, there’s already plenty on your to-do list. We can help you manage your investments and keep your retirement plan in compliance so you don’t have to.

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Plan Philosophy

TCG Advisors manages and develops portfolios for hundreds of clients with the goal of delivering solid and consistent risk-adjusted performance.

Five Pillars of Successful Retirement Plans

1. Plan Design

Along with industry trend updates, we provide peer and industry comparisons, which helps ensure your plan is competitive for retaining and recruiting top talent.

2. Fiduciary Service

As a registered Investment Advisor, TCG Advisors is held to a fiduciary responsibility to act in our client’s
best interest.

3. Investment Consulting

We work with you to develop and properly maintain your Investment Policy Statement.

4. Participant Advice

Positive participant outcomes are based on well-educated participants and that is why we devote
extensive resources to provide plan education.

5. Plan Oversight

Administering a plan is not easy for plan sponsors and managing providers can be burdensome.

Retirement Plan Services

We focus on delivering plan administration solutions that help lessen your administrative duties so you can spend more time running your organization.

Plan Administration & Compliance

We’ll handle record-keeping, payroll processing, remittance, and every other aspect of fulfilling legal compliance.

Dedicated Account Service

You’re never alone. We’ll assign a client service team for day-to-day support to ensure you have the support you need.

Employee Education

Retirement education is at the core of everything we do. See the section below for more information.

Plan Documents

We’ll develop and maintain any necessary documents like summary plan descriptions, legal notices, and more.

Online Systems

Participants and plan sponsors receive on-demand access to accounts, reports, performance, and more.

Customer Service

Our US-based customer service team is available to assist every weekday from 8AM to 7PM CST.

Loan & Distribution Management

Participants can request loans and distributions to cover unexpected emergencies, big purchases, and other qualifying events.

Participant Communication

Leverage our digital systems to keep in touch with your staff. We’ll handle notices and announcements on your behalf.

Roth Deferrals

Participants may contribute to their accounts on a pre-tax or Roth basis. We’ll handle all the moving parts.

Why Choose Us

We advise businesses and individuals on how to reach their goals. When you partner with us, you’re at the center of a vast network of risk, insurance, employee benefits, retirement and wealth management specialists that bring clarity to a changing world with tailored solutions and unrelenting advocacy.

We help you get ready for tomorrow.

Focused on Employee Financial Outcomes

Our team of advisors, customer service representatives, and account managers will be there every step of the way.

One-on-One Appointments

We'll set up individual appointments in person or via web conferencing.


Year-round communication on the latest retirement plan updates.


Quarterly seminars help employees stay in-the-know.


We provide self-service tools to help assess personal situations.

We’re by your side for all your needs, in business and in life.

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**HUB International Limited (“HUB”) owned RIAs provide investment advisory and management services to its respective clients, under the general trade name of HUB Retirement and Private Wealth. All current HUB RIAs maintain a combined total of $142,591,409,383 in aggregated regulatory assets under management (“Aggregated AUM”), based on the reported AUM for each respective individual HUB RIA effective as of December 31, 2021. The AUM for each individual HUB RIA may be found in the respective Form ADV for each respective HUB RIA. This Aggregated AUM for all HUB RIAs are broken out as follows: $109,917,037,538 in nondiscretionary institutional AUM; which AUM primarily represents qualified retirement plan assets (both ERISA and non- ERISA plans), non-qualified plan assets, and other types of institutional assets. $25,448,924,412 in discretionary institutional AUM; which AUM primarily represents qualified retirement plan assets (both ERISA and non-ERISA plans), non-qualified plan assets, and other types of institutional assets. $7,225,447,433 in Private Wealth Client AUM; which is a combination of both discretionary and non-discretionary AUM.