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Financial Planning Solutions for Executive and Leadership Teams

Financial stress is real. That’s why at TCG Advisors, a HUB International company we help organizations support their talented staff by providing employees access to financial planning and education services that can help set a course for financial security.

As a leader of your organization, you are in a position to help impact the financial future of your staff. Let’s work together to bring our Financial Planning program to your staff and make meaningful, lasting change.

Key Program Highlights


Comprehensive Financial Checkup


Plan updates while employed by the organization


Investment account fee discounts for assets managed by TCG Advisors while employed by the organization


Access to a financial planning website


Access to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to assist, answer questions, and provide advice


Flexible pricing - financial plans can be paid by an employer, employee, or a combination of both

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the participant’s spouse/partner included in the program?

Yes! To create the most effective and accurate plan it is very important to include all the information that will impact a family’s future.

Does the participant have to invest their assets with TCG?

No. There is no obligation or expectation that the participant will have their assets managed by TCG Advisors.

What if a participant would like their plan to include features or aspects not outlined in the scope?

We want everyone to have the information they need. Additions to the plan can be made at any participant’s request for the standard rate of service.

What if a participant leaves?

A participant leaving your organization would no longer have access to plan updates or discounted investment account fees. If the organization replaces the individual who left, the replacement would be able to take advantage of the program in their place.

What if there are some aspects of the program we want and others we do not – can the details be restructured?

Absolutely. We can customize the program to meet the needs of your organization. The goal is to provide quality service and solutions directed at the issues important to your employees.

We’re by your side for all your needs, in business and in life.

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