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The Financial Planning Jigsaw Puzzle

July 2, 2020

You sit down with a financial advisor, they ask a few questions and they recommend your investment plan should be 60% stock and 40% bonds. That mix of assets has been recommended for decades and for some it may be the right strategy.

Our view of financial planning is somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle. Many say the most important pieces of any jigsaw puzzle are the edge pieces. It is our view that you need the picture on the box of the puzzle in order to see the complete picture. Until you have all the pieces in place, how can you know the right mix of stocks, bonds and cash?

Our approach revolves around 5 puzzle pieces that every client should have in place before they implement an investment strategy. Tax Planning, Retirement Income Planning, Social Security Optimization, Risk Management, and Estate Planning. These are the 5 edge pieces one needs in place before the final piece of the puzzle – Investment Management can be put in place.

This webinar addresses Tax Planning. Taxes will do far more damage than bear markets. In the past markets have come back, but the money we pay Uncle Sam does not. Our 3-part webinar addresses the 4 different stages of tax planning that need to be a part of every financial plan.

Part One

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