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Executive Contracts

We help review and negotiate contracts on your behalf to ensure you’re maximizing your value

Maximize Value

TCG serves organizations and individual candidates/employees in negotiating an executive contract that is of benefit to all parties. Superintendents, CFO’s, and executive board members can place their trust in us to help maximize their compensation.

There are a number of aspects of the contract that go beyond compensation—including supplemental retirement plans, expense allowances, medical benefits, severance pay, termination triggers, and more. Our team of fiduciary financial experts is here to help you through the jargon and negotiate terms that are important to you.
Note: TCG Advisors is not a law firm and therefore does not provide legal advice.


Understanding the Modern Superintendent Contract

Click below to read an article written by our team for the TASBO Report Magazine that discusses the components and challenges of drafting contracts for modern-day superintendents.


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Your Dedicated Team
Our team of experienced consultants are here to help close a contract that’s beneficial for organizations and individuals.

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