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Lauren Baddeloo, QKA®

Senior Vice President, Operations


Lauren Baddeloo, QKA® is the Senior Vice President of Operations at TCG, a HUB International company. With a background in Health Promotion and a minor in Communications from the University of Texas at Austin, Lauren’s journey with TCG began as an intern, eventually transitioning to full-time employment upon graduation. Over her 8 years with the company, Lauren has demonstrated a remarkable ascent, covering various areas of the TPA/Recordkeeper realm, from intern to her current role as SVP of Ops.

In her capacity, Lauren leads company operations with precision, directing organizational structures and processes to ensure the achievement of business objectives. Collaborating closely with company leaders, she sets goals and analyzes operational data to identify needs and changes aimed at optimizing processes. Committed to TCG’s goals of delivering an exceptional operational experience, Lauren’s leadership cements TCG as a leader in the TPA/Recordkeeper space. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lauren enjoys exploring Houston’s vibrant restaurant scene, outdoor adventures, traveling, and immersing herself in a good book during her free time.