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Risk Protection for Texas School Districts

As a Top 5 P&C insurance broker, HUB International has extensive experience in significant, complex property placements. As a result, we have broad access to the best markets and operate in a way that helps administrators effectively navigate an extreme situation with their various stakeholders.

Property Market Update

Unusual weather patterns have severely impacted property insurers, creating the toughest insurance market in decades. Coupled with rising inflation and construction material costs, schools are contemplating up to a 30% increase in building replacement values. The insurance landscape demands change; administrators are facing shifts in pricing, deductibles, and property valuations.

Whether you just renewed or are preparing for a renewal, we can review your Property and Casualty program.


Understanding Pooled Plans vs. Independent Brokers

Pooled Plans share risk, and save costs through collective bargaining. Independent Brokers offer diverse tailored options from various insurers.


Market Trends and District Impact

Analyze trends, adjust coverage for competitiveness and adapt to local risks.


Using Data for Insurance Suggestions

Base coverage on data to avoid under/over-insurance, considering replacement costs and liabilities.


Evaluating Property Values

Assess property worth via appraisals, market comparisons to ensure accurate coverage


Providing Premium Estimates

Data-based premium estimates factoring property info, claims history, deductibles, and risk tolerance


Effective Communication with Stakeholders

Simplify insurance jargon for informed decisions; keep stakeholders updated on policy shifts and trends


Budgeting for Future Insurance Costs

Forecast costs using historical and trend data, accounting for operational changes for proactive financial planning.

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