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TCG featured in Advisors Magazine

January 28, 2021

Trusted Capital Group (TCG) is featured in the latest issue of Advisors Magazine. CEO and Co-Founder John Pesce and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Jamail discuss the gravity of financial literacy skills and how TCG is here to help.

“It’s in our fabric of our company to be out there educating people,” Pesce says. 

Since opening in 1999, TCG’s mission has been to deliver investment and retirement planning solutions that provide peace of mind and lead clients to financial success. Pesce’s own upbringing inspired the company’s mission to address needs he saw within his community. In both the poor neighborhood where Pesce grew up and the military, where he later served, Pesce saw very little access to financial education. When he transitioned into the financial planning industry, he saw just how this enabled financial firms to take advantage of consumers. Pesce warns against approaching predatory lenders. 

“We don’t want people going to payday loan lenders, pawnshops, or rent-to-own places,” Pesce explains. “That’s all the stuff that I knew as a kid and saw when I was in the military.”

Pesce further explains how many commission-based financial educators often take advantage of financial advice platforms, with the self-serving intention of selling more of their firms’ products and services.

As a fiduciary, TCG has the obligation to act in the client’s best interest. TCG advisors and consultants work to monitor clients’ assets and make adjustments with the client’s needs in mind.

TCG primarily works with two types of clients. One client base consists of private and public institutions (like school districts and local governments). TCG manages both retirement and pension plans for these clients, along with providing financial education tools and resources. TCG also helps individual investors looking to manage their private wealth.

TCG is also helping make access to quality financial guidance and economic solutions more possible through its support of Foundation 99. THE company has been financially supporting and contributing resources to the nonprofit since 2019. Foundation 99 provides coaching to people in greatest need. Chris Jamail, chief marketing officer and a founding Board member of Foundation 99, says the 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity was built on helping the 99%.

“There are large segments of our community where people never receive financial education,” Jamail says. “As a result, they need extra help building strong financial habits.”

As client situations are changing, TCG is also looking to fill any gaps for clients. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, TCG has found a way to utilize fintech resources and virtual meetings to meet clients where they are. TCG’s new TeleWealth™ platform allows clients to connect with financial advisors virtually, according to their schedule. Jamail compares the tool to telehealth platforms now found in the medical field. 

While platforms, needs and resources may change, TCG and Pesce’s mission remains the same.

“We have always felt if we educate people and they know what we’re truly about, they would come to us and the money will take care of itself. That’s how we built this company.”


To learn more about Trusted Capital Group, Foundation 99 and TeleWealth™, read the full article using this link.

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